Lenong Denes

Syarifah Hana Alhaddad
Artikel oleh : Syarifah Hana Alhaddad
Foto oleh : Teater Koma
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Lenong Denes is yet another form of art used by the Betawi tribe as a means of expression. It seems that the Betawi has really got the skills to capture social situation by humorous and culturally rich plays. Lenong plays describes just that. 

There are initially two types of Lenong popular to the Betawi, Lenong Denes and Lenong Preman. Both uses the central aim to capture social situations and brings out moral message that is usually meant as helping the minor society and diminishing wrongful authority. Lenong Denes in particular, plays out this situation from a monarchy point of view.

The words used are often formal-like of respectable Malayan language, such as: tuanku, baginda, kakanda, adinda, beliau and so on. And most of the sentences they pronounce are usually formed in a song while the background instruments like gambang kromong would play traditional songs. With such settings, it’s rather hard to show the humorous parts of Betawi. Hence, supporting actors would usually be the ones to express such humours. 

These features are what eventually make the performance unique. Regardless of it’s heavy messaging and formal play, it does not detach from the humorous side of Betawi that always bring out the positive vibes. 




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