Delman Hias

Syarifah Hana Alhaddad
Artikel oleh : Syarifah Hana Alhaddad
Foto oleh : Ferdinandus Erry
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Connecting people between places used to take a lot more effort. Of course, one has already known that the next time they want to contact their friends, it would only be a click away, literally. That is of course if you are technologically savvy. Before we were blessed to converse with everyone without having to actually meet them, the world went through a lot of innovation. Meeting someone in particular would take a lot more effort especially if they live farther away. 

Before there were machine-powered vehicles as means of transporting us to, well, everywhere, we needed the help of our dear friends. And when I mean by friends, i’m talking about animals. Mostly, horses. For years, men have rode horses to accommodate their traveling needs. Then there were men that does this as a job, driving horse-drawn carriage. It’s pretty much similar all over the world. We had one too here, one that we call Delman.

The word is that Charles Theodore Deeleman founded this transportation, hence the name Delman. Not only did he discovered it, he also happened to live in Indonesia once upon a time, owning an iron workshop in Batavia, now known as Jakarta. If that is not enough, the Delman itself has gone through a lot of cultural fusion by the many cities in Indonesia of various traditions ever since its arrival. Particularly in Jakarta, the Betawi tribe has made sure that theirs would be authentic. So they did, by creating Delman Hias.

It’s unclear when this all started, but when the Betawi throws a festive party, they do it in style. One of which is by decorating their horse carriage with vibrant colours, which would usually be accompanied by their joyful traditional songs. Obviously, they don’t do this on a daily basis. Only certain events like Jakarta’s birthday, weddings or recreational places would incorporate this touch.


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