Pencak Silat

Syarifah Hana Alhaddad
Artikel oleh : Syarifah Hana Alhaddad
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Pencak Silat Betawi has long played a significant role in enriching Indonesia's culture especially in Jakarta. Long before the Betawi tribe existed uniformly, the people of Jakarta are segmented based on the area they live in the city like Orang Kemayoran, Orang Senen, Orang Rawabelong and so on. This has also become the reason to why each area has inherited their own style of fight in Pencak Silat.

It was after the Betawi tribe was made official, that it has gained wide recognition for its variety within its martial arts. The styles contributed were also influenced by other tribes in Indonesia like Sundanese, Javanese and so forth since the people of Betawi are inter culturally mixed from other parts of Indonesia as well as immigrants from overseas like the Arabs and Chinese. 

These kinds of attributes have made Pencak Silat Betawi authentique and widely popular due to word-of-mouth, making it socially important to most men in Jakarta who values their tradition.


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